Welcome to the Prairie Testing Covid Test site.

Schedule an appointment at our convenient covid test site and select a time that suits your schedule.

Testing Procedure

Upon arrival to the Prairie Testing Covid Test site, please make sure to have your mask in place as you approach the entrance. As you enter our space, please adhere to social distancing guidelines. A staff member will call you to the counter and take you to the appropriate testing station. Our goal is to minimize contact and provide as safe an environment as possible for everyone.

Covid Test Site

Patient Portal

As part of the appointment process, you will be given HIPAA compliant portal access so that you can always have your test results available. You can also use the portal to send the reports securely to your physician, school, employer, or anyone else who may need a valid copy.

An invoice is also available on the portal if you desire to submit to your insurance carrier for reimbursement (you are responsible for knowing your insurance policies and procedures).